Fear And Isolation

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How Fear and Isolation Leads to Violence and Insanity
It is evident in The Lord of the Flies that with every passing day on the island, a portion of the boys’ sanity withers away, along with their proper social etiquette. There are a lot of things on the island that the boys fear, one being themselves, that could cause them to act violently and more or less kill each other. This can be witnessed in the novel when Simon is lurking through the creepers and trees which are of a plentiful capacity, and gets bombarded by spears and rocks as the other boys attempt to kill Simon, or to them, the “Beastie” out of paranoia and fright. Out of all the boys as far as violence goes, Jack is the worst, killing anybody who would dare question him and having the confidence to single handedly take down the beast makes him an obvious contender to be the one who kills the entire island trying to rule out who the beast could be.

Another reason for violence is hunger and selfishness, which can be seen when Jack and his posse infiltrate Ralph and Piggy’s settlement, and
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The book supposedly takes place during WWII, and the boys know nothing of it. Ralph, being the most willing to go home, is evidently saddened by the fact that he’s not at home, something that the other boys don’t show apart from the little ones. This can be seen when Ralph has a sort of “flashback” to where he is sitting in his backyard, watching the snow fall and cover the grass, and walking into his house to a mug of hot chocolate as he gets cold, and snuggling up in his bed, reading one of his books as he warms up under a cozy blanket, not made out of leaves. What he does not know is that he may never re-live that experience again, which may be for the best, as this knowledge might turn him into a savage, just like
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