Fear Appeal Persuasive Speech

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the fear appeal will be more successful. One example is if people do not stop cutting down trees, oxygen will slowly be depleted until there is not enough to sustain the world. A second example is if the world continues to pollute the environment through developing and using technology as well as wrongful places for garbage disposal, humans, plants, animals, and their environments will be affected by global warming. The next principle is that by increasing the intensity of the fear appeal through evidence and a credible speaker, there is a higher chance of success that the fear appeal will work. A strong fear appeal will cause the audience to be persuaded into making a change. An example is if a police officer tells the audience the punishments…show more content…
A proposition can be used to state the central idea to the audience. a proposition is a statement with that the speaker wants the audience to agree with. There are three categories of propositions. A provision of fact focuses on whether something is true or false or whenever it did or did not happen. Some of them are undebatable and take only a few moments to prove. Due to this, they do not make good speech topics. Debatable topics need to offer specific supporting evidence. To persuade listeners, the speaker must focus on changing or reinforcing the audience's beliefs by identifying one or more reasons why the proposition is true. An example is there is a higher risk of dying early today than there was a hundred years ago. A proposition of value is a statement that calls for the listener to judge the worth or importance of something. It states that something is either good or bad or that one course of action is better than the other. An example is even though technology is being used throughout the United States in schools, it is better for students to take notes on paper than on a computer. A proposition of policy advocates a change in a policy, procedure, or behavior. To support the proposition of policy, proposition of facts may be used. The speaker usually uses it to show that he or she is advocating a change. An example is it should not be legal
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