Fear In Alon Paton's Cry, The Beloved Country

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To conquer fear people must learn to love the things that they are scared of. In learning love and compassion, fear is demolished allowing room for the evolution of a society. In Cry, the Beloved Country, Alon Paton depicts how acts love overpowers fears of the characters with perspectives of both white and african characters. They are depicted in the pre apartheid era where there is tension on both the sides of the Whites living in South Africa and the African Natives. Living in the countryside, one of the main characters utilizes all forms of love to help him get through the fear of unknown and unexpected. Throughout Cry, the Beloved Country the characters cope with fear differently, Alon Paton’s novel argues that fear can be overcome through familial love, devotion to faith, and brotherly love.

Kumalo 's wife displays her love by supporting her husband in his trip to go bring back their family to Ndotsheni. She fears for what he might find since no one has written back to them in years. However, instead of criticizing his actions and persuading him not go to Johannesburg, she emphasizes to her husband, “Take it all… ”(40). Stephen Kumalo takes a huge risk by traveling to an unknown territory. He takes the money that he and his wife had set aside for a stove and new clothes. Even though their money is being used up for this one trip, Kumalo 's wife understands the importance of the journey and makes the sacrifice to ensure that Kumalo is prepared for whatever lies
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