Fear In Dr. Ally Hextall's Vaccines

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Fear can cause people to do a things they wouldn 't do if they were not scared, like when people found out that in the medicine running out and they started throwing stuff and going crazy, They automatically stop thinking irrationally and you overreact to the first thing that comes to their mind.You get scared and you think of the worst thing that can happen, like the people were running out of food and were scared of what’s was going on, they thought they were going to die. Everyone was scared and people were trying and doing everything they could to help themselves and their love ones like Dr.Cheever gives Anthony roger son his vaccine and tells his wife to leave.
People like in the moves start to panic like when the sickest first started
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Ally Hextall made a vaccine that could save people lifes and when they started hearing that about it, that when people started to think more and stop doing thing that they wouldn’t do when they were scared, if people started to think first and not let their fear get in the way not as many people was of got sick because they would of been at home and wait for hear about it and doing the the Doctors told them to do and not what they wanted to do and they had less chances of getting…show more content…
When people stared robbery and breaking into people 's house, people started to freak out because they weren 't even safe in their own home and people were touching thing in their house and it was spreading grem, they didn’t know if they had it or if they were okay and people still didn’t have the vaccine made yet and when then did it took a long time for an average person to already have it. Where we are scared and feared, we do thing and say things we wouldn 't do or say if we were think first and not doing or saying when we are letting our fear get in the way of what really going on we do dumb thing and we don 't see what’s going on and we don’t lissen. That why in the movie people were panicking and doing all this disaster and leaving their home and when they started to hear that war was a vaccine and that thing were going to get better they started to think
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