Fear In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Fear is Destructive Fear causes people to makes judgements. It’s what makes people cautious and skittish, mostly in unsafe situations. Without fear people’s life would be at risk. Throughout the memoir Night fear builds up over time, starting when the Germans taking over Sighet, they slowly start to take over their lives. They begin by doing good for them like giving them a box of chocolates. Through a slow process the people becoming less human and begin to gain fear right when they are forced to leave there home, true fear sets in. This leads to people not standing up for themselves or doing anything about their situation, all because of fear. In the memoir Night, by Elie Wiesel, it’s clear that fear overpowers the actions of people and…show more content…
The boy crawls to a huge cauldron of soup with little caution since he has a goal to achieve, satisfying his hunger. “Fear was greater than hunger…Either out of weakness or out of fear, he remained there, undoubtedly to muster his strength” (Wiesel 59). This shows how desperate you can be when someone faces their fear to live. Hundreds of men stared at the cauldron of soup not daring to eat a drop since they knew that there would be a consequence of them being killed. But a little boy broke his fear by trying to achieve the goal of being fed but, in an instant he was shoot. This truly show how much fear has set in for hundreds of men that won’t eat but are dying from hunger. No matter how much your life is at risk or going to be fear can stop what you what to do. The book night portrays a common theme, Fear without it people wouldn’t survive for as long as they did. Without the fear of being afraid of the camp at first arrival or the fear of the Jew not eating because they know they will be killed, there wouldn’t be much hope. This proves the point on why fear overpowers people and make them not do what they would normally due since there life is at risk. This truly shows the bad of the holocaust. Due to all the fear no one could stand up to
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