Fear In Human Psychology

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We all experience fear, and we all want to overcome it or get rid of it. What is fear exactly? We often fear what is unknown to us or what we do not like. As humans this is natural, fear is one of the most basic human emotions. According to merriam-webster the definition of fear is “an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.” Of all our emotions fear is the darkest and most powerful. The notion of “fight or flight” is our body 's first automatic response that prepares the body to “fight” or “flee” from a threatening situation. Fear is as old as life on Earth and plays a major role in the human psychology; this is evident because most living things on earth experience fear, there have been various experiments…show more content…
Due to nature fish fear birds and mice fear cats. This is not taught to them, they are naturally inborn. Throughout the human evolution, it is a natural instinct that if something is unknown to us, we are most likely to face fear. According to studies “The fight or flight response is a primitive and powerful survival reaction” (Sharman 1). Once our human brain has received the message of a threat or danger, we face different emotion reactions. After being exposed to the most common things humans fear the results were increased heart rates, adrenalin, and hunger for air. Every human reacts to fear in their own way, for example, some freeze others get panic attacks and do not think clear when being put in danger situations. In human psychology fear is a reaction that starts in the brain and advances through the body to make adjustments for the best defense or flight reaction. Humans fear something that triggers the actual danger or the threat. Our body is highly sensitive to the threat and sends fear to our…show more content…
Personality types can play a major role that influence your inherent inclination to fight or flee (Hussung 1). There are people that when something unexpected occurs their brain has to stop and process the situation in order to make a decisions (Hussung 1). Horror entertainment can trigger fear and comes with a boost of adrenaline (Hussung 1). Humans tend watch horror movies because they get enjoyment from a scary movie. Although, people get scared because of the movie the brain concludes that the experience is not a true threat to the human body (Hussung 1). Horror fans tend to watch horror movies that elicit this response because the fear wears off very quickly and the brain knows the scene is safe (Hussung 1). Some people find high levels of arousal like this are satisfying. While there are others who do not enjoy horror genre movies because they tend to think it is

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