Lord Of The Flies Chapter 6 Analysis

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The fear within us can contribute to the actions we take, whether it be particularly good or bad. Lord of the Flies shows that this can happen to us all. Lord of the Flies is a book written by WIlliam Golding who shares with us the end of school boys’ innocence and the beginning of savagery within them all. Chapter nine, which holds many details to support Golding and this theme, is about Simon realizing who the “beast” really is and in the heat of the moment the tribe of boys brutally murder Simon when he comes bearing news about such topic. However, chapter nine is so much more than just the plot of a story. In chapter nine of Lord of the Flies, William Golding employs animal imagery, natural imagery, and diction to convey the theme that…show more content…
Golding uses negatively connotated words such as “agony”, “terror,” and “screamed.” Verbs such as “crawling”, “stumbled”, and “tearing” are chosen to describe the actions and movements. These actions were taken because of the amount of fear the boys had and Golding aids this by using such negatively connotated words to relate to the intensity of their fear. This excerpt helps to grasp the concept. “Between flashes of lightening the air was dark and terrible … ” “The dark sky was shattered by a blue-white scar … ” “like a blow of a gigantic whip … ”(174) Golding focuses on using verbs, adjectives, nouns, sounds, and noises to help understand the intensity of fear and awful actions taken place because of such fear. By using specific diction, Golding takes chapter nine and amplifies the intensity of the fear growing and of what is being described to us. Overall, chapter nine in Lord of the Flies greatly supports that as fear builds, it has the power to bring out the evil within us. Golding uses many rhetorical devices to convey this recurring theme. However, animal imagery, natural imagery, and diction best projects his ideas of how fear actually affects people and what it can do to anyone. In theory, true fear can and will be a factor in the actions that people
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