Fear In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Fear can alter a person 's behavior so much that they often become a different person. It can cause hostility and can make anybody unreasonably terrified of something so simple. The person or subject that is making the irrational decision would not notice the good from bad decisions. Also fear makes the subject believe whatever scenario they makeup to just put themselves farther away from what they are scared of. Such a strong feeling can constantly begin appearing more frequently than other emotions. It is never good to give into your fears unless they are reasonable. It will change or alter anybodies behavior if they let it. Imagine being given the choice to go into a monkey exhibit or a tiger exhibit, but you choose the tiger exhibit. Choosing the worst out of the two options just because the…show more content…
Many people become hostile for many different reasons. Sadness, fear, jealousy, etc. The most common reason is fear because of how fast and easily the person can be changed in personality. Going from a sweet, fun, leader, to a jealous, rude, hostile one. At the end of the Novel you can tell that he is very different from when he was in the beginning. He orders his tribe to hunt down Ralph and kill him simply because he was scared and unwilling to give up his leading position on the island. “ They hate you, Ralph they are going to do you.’ They are going to hunt you.’”(188). Jack is in raged with anger and decides that Ralph is far more dangerous than he will be. He is closing off the idea that he is possibly being a dangerous person and being completely hostile. In the audio clip TED Talk, he talks about “Productive paranoia”: “Which meant that these people, instead of dismissing their fears, these people read them closely, they studied them,”(TED Talk). They were waiting for their fears to come close enough just so they could let out what they had inside, built up.This demonstrates that fear does infact cause different behavior altering effects such as extreme
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