Fear In Macbeth Act 4

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The first example is in Act 5, scene 8 when Mabeth learns that Macduff was not born of a woman. He curses him for telling him that and he blames the witches for their word games and raising his hopes then destroying them. Next, is Act 5 scene 5, when Macbeth is talking to Seyton and explains to him how he no longer fears the normal things that he once did. Because of his evil deeds he has done nothing can startle him now, in other words he has become numb. Lastly, in Act 3 scene 4. Macbeth is talking to the first murder about the death of Bangou. He has fear because the murders did not kill Fleance also, now he is scared because his task was not completed and how is tangled with doubts and fears.

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