Fear In Mass Shooting

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On April 22, 2016 eight family members were found dead in their house in rural southern Ohio. All eight family members were shot in the head “execution style” while they were sleeping, including a mother who was sleeping next to her 4 days old infant. The newborn along with a 3 year old and a 6 month survived according to authorities. Victims were shot in their sleep at four residences. Seven of the eight victims lived walking distance to each other and the eighth victim lived about eight miles away. The eighth victim was the last to be found dead on Friday afternoon the very same day this mass shooting took place. The suspect and motive is still unknown but all victims are members of Rhoden family. They are identified today as: Kenneth Rhoden, 44; Christopher Rhoden Sr, 40; Dana Rhoden,…show more content…
Safety is one of the most basic human needs and mass shooting can put an individual of that society, and society itself in fear for their safety, family and loved ones. When we hear about mass shooting every week or every month it damages the trust we place in our society, law enforcement and people we socialize. Unfortunately, if this continues I 'm afraid we’ll become numb or become preoccupied with surviving on daily basis and in constant fear of what if next mass shooting takes place where I am, or maybe my school or what if my house? This fear in people and increase in mass shooting not only effects society, state, or on national level but it also effects us psychologically. On a higher level it impacts our criminal justice system. They are continuously trying to keep these massacres from happening and keep guns out of hands of those mentally ill or incapable of handling a firearm. People slowly lose their faith in the system and that’s bad guys take advantage and assume they can get away with the system. Media is somewhat to be blamed for this because we often get a exaggerated take on certain news that makes people feel more vulnerable to these
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