Fear In Ray Bradbury's There Will Come Soft Rain

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Did you know 48% of companies report technology performance issues daily according to business2community.com? As humans become more reliant on technology in their daily lives, the bigger the risk they take of it causing a massive train wreck in society when it malfunctions. Ray Bradbury creates a mood of fear and warns the readers of the dangers of technology in "There Will Come Soft Rains" through the use of repetition, simile, and personification. Ray Bradbury creates a mood of fear in "There Will Come Soft Rains" through the use of repetition. In this story, there has been a nuclear explosion which has killed the entire population and there is only one house left standing in the city. When one night, a fire breaks out inside the house and the reader hears a voice shouting "Help, help! Fire! Run, run!" (Bradbury 5). This creates fear because the reader does not know how bad the fire is, …show more content…

As the house is up in flames, the fire caused "[...] its wire, its nerves revealed as if a surgeon [has] torn off the skin to let the red veins and capillaries quiver in the scalded air." (Bradbury 6). This creates fear in the reader because the fire as caused the wiring to melt with the copper exposed, cringing from the heat. This is the moment when it puts the fire in perspective for the reader about how hot and destructive it really is. Soon after, we hear the announcement that sounded like "[...] a dozen voices, high and low, like children dying in a forest, alone, alone." (Bradbury 7). This creates fear in the reader because the announcement is compared to a child's cry for help when no one can help them. This helps the reader picture what the announcement sounds like and how effective it is. The similes used to describe the fire roaring and the faint cry of help from the house create a sense of fear and uncertainty in the

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