Fear In Short Story

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Fear is like a disease, it will worsen, and spread until your ability to think has vanished and you begin to die. Fear is a powerful tool used by many authors to create good stories. Many elements contribute to making the idea of fear in story too.an example of fear in stories is the The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and Examination Day by Henry Slesar. The Lottery takes place at a village that hosts a lottery every year. The main character, tessa, wins it and gets stoned to death due to tradition. Examination day is when a boy named dickie, goes to take a government test and ends up getting killed by them due to his intelligence level being to high. Theme, suspense, and irony are strong elements used, that similar and
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You will fail any story writing assignment, if you don 't have a theme that will get the reader thinking. Theme is an important aspect of a good story, and makes the story beneficial to the reader. In the lottery and examination day, themes are a big part of the story, and makes the reader ponder. A possible lesson that can be driven from the lottery is don 't follow anything blindly; while not knowing if what you are doing has meaning or not; don 't be so resistant to something you don 't know why your doing. As the narrator says in the story, “Mr summers spoke frequently to the villagers about making a new box, but no one liked to upset even as much tradition as was represented by the black box.” This shows that the villagers are resistant to change. They don 't want to make a new box out of fear of losing their tradition.They do this because their ancestors are doing it and now, they are doing it, although they don 't realize that what they are doing is murder, so they are blind to the fact. A lesson that can also be taken
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"That 's the irony in the work: the best stories are the worst things that happen.” stated by Michael Connelly. Many people prefer unexpected endings over the stories with happy endings. They make the story more exciting, just like the lottery and examination day. Both the stories irony are very similar and the author put them for a purpose and contribute to the idea of fear in the stories.the irony in the lottery is that how the villagers act so cheerful, but what they are doing in fact, is a crime. Also, anyone who thinks of a lottery would expect winning something like cash, but in this case, the winner gets a reward of death. “This isn 't fair, this isn 't right.” This quote shows the point when the irony unfolded, and the reader became shook. Also, anyone who thinks of an exam would think getting good grades, and being proud of oneself, but the exact opposite happens. Dickie, the son, gets killed due to him getting good grades on the test, which was something no one expected. A point at where the irony unfolds is when the government says, “ ‘You may specify by telephone,’ the voice droned on, ‘ weather you wish his body interred by the government or would you prefer a private burial place?’ “ This was when the reader discovered the harsh reality that he died due to his intelligence exceeding the law. This type of situational irony is so effective in both stories due to the fact that in the lottery, people would act like this was nothing about murder.
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