Fear In Susan Glaspell's A Jury Of Her Peers

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The short story A Jury of Her Peers, written by Susan Glaspell, clearly demonstrates fear and its control within characters throughout the story. The main character, Minnie Foster, a lovely young woman who sang in the choir and known as a very open person. However, once she got married, she became much quieter. The two other women in the story, one of whom know Minnie, uncover some evidence that would incriminate Minnie for the murder of her husband. The women find out that Minnie’s husband treats Minnie poorly and may have physically hurt Minnie as well. Minnie, fearful of her husband’s anger, leads her to commit murder. Minnie kills her husband because of the external fear of receiving pain and the innate fear of never returning to the days…show more content…
First, the government's fear controls the inhabitants to cause genocide. Earth's fear of the Buggers gives them one priority, kill them all. The Buggers attack on Earth outrages many. The humans support any efforts to hurt the Buggers in any way, even though humans have no idea what they wanted in the first place. The government feels the need to please the people because not a lot gets accomplished when the humans keep thinking about a possible Bugger invasion. The humans fear strongly drives them to do anything that concerns the Buggers death. When the Bugger home planet blows up, no one cares, all the humans and high-ranking government employees rejoice and show no concern for the millions of living beings that just died. Colonel Graff joyfully says, "You're a hero. Ender. They've seen what you did. You and the others. I don't think there's a government on Earth that hasn't voted you their highest medal” (297). The plot lets humans believe the Buggers are terrible, mean things. Their fears do not let the humans ask themselves if the fears are reasonable or not. The plot builds around the idea of the Buggers and the humans battling for survival. Also, Enders fear of his actions, causes him to repay for them. Ender takes the position of fleet commander for humans against the Bugger army. Ender kills all the Buggers and the planet. Ender did not kill them intentionally; the simulations were actual fighters in real battles. Because of this, Enders emotions flood him and he feels regret and deep sadness. He wishes he had never done it and that the Buggers could live. Towards the end, Ender finds a Bugger queen egg. The egg that can repopulate the entire Bugger race, he accepts the task and goes out into space in search for a home world for the Buggers. Ender talking to the Bugger queen says, "I'll carry you," said Ender, "I'll go from world to world until I find a time and a place where you can come
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