Fear In The Fourth Paragraph Essay

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Initially, the writer tries to build fear within the character in the fourth paragraph by using structural techniques. To begin with, the writer explains that she “drove cautiously”, enabling the audience to imagine a ghostly scene with a car slowly passing by. Since she drove cautiously, the foreshadowing is revealed as it is suggested that she already knew something was going to happen. To extend this, after the writer describes the girl "cautiously" driving, the writer mentions “three buzz-cut-bald men” strangely approaching her – without any warning. Nevertheless, because of the focus change, the audience are enabled to realise the atmospheric change, as well as imagining how the girl feels now – due to how she was already nervous. In addition, the writer also draws on sounds, like “chanting”,…show more content…
Because of the eerie structure - from “spinning wheels” to “busy streets” – the audience are able to sense quite a tense atmosphere, as well as increasing the sense of fear in the overall mood. To integrate to this, the descriptive language used is also mainly linked to the idea of fear, so that even the “unfamiliar roads” allow the girl to be frightened; not to mention how her eyes were “accustomed to the gloom”. Another use of a structural technique is shown when the ghostly setting of the “unlit pavements” which were “deserted” came into the scene - seeming cut off from the rest of the world where she heard loud noise and caught “glimpses” of people, creating a vivid and spooky sense of place. Nevertheless, her fear is furthermore showed as the “knife in her bag” is introduced. Due to the cliff-hanger, it becomes clear that her fear is an emotional response induced by a perceived threat – moreover shown as she was “glad” have
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