Fear In The Shawshank Redemption

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Fear is to be afraid. With fear we’re stuck on one spot because we’re afraid to know the outcome and we don’t want to change. Thus, fear is a feeling that traps you in one spot like a prison. Brooks Hatlen had been in prison for 50 years, and the only life he knew is behind bars. When met with parole, Brooks attempted to attack Heywood to stay in Shawshank. Brooks is defined by Shawshank for who he is as people looked up to him for his smarts and opinions. Brooks was institutionalized and was afraid of the real world and change. Brooks after being released was stuck in the body of an old terrified man in a different world. Everyday Brooks was fearful, he worked a simple job. A job he felt degraded as people disrespected him such as his younger boss. Also, bagging groceries made his arthritis worse and Brooks never thought his life would get…show more content…
Hope gives you the drive to move forward and chase what you believe in. Andy was wrongly convicted and was given a life imprisonment. While in prison, Andy is positive minded and relied on hope. He encouraged others there is hope if you want it strongly enough. With hope, Andy managed to make life better for everyone in prison. Andy got rid of his bullies (Bogs and the Sisters) who assault and rape him for 2 years. He built an amazing library and taught people how to read and write to obtain their high school diploma. Eventually, Andy succeeded in his prison escape and left to Mexico with almost 400 thousand in cash. I did not expect Andy to ever leave the prison after Norton and Hadley kill Tommy. Andy inspired Red to be hopeful. Hope allowed Red to move on in the real world where he wasn’t capable of till he reads Andy letter. Red looked forward to seeing his friend Andy at Mexico and he finally started looking forward to the future. Red hoped to make it to the border and hope to see and shake his friend hand. The prisoner who lived in fear becomes a man who overcame it through
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