Fear Of Crime Analysis

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The article Fear of crime as serious as crime itself is written by Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. The news article aims to call for Malaysian to combat crimes together. He believes that if Malaysians united and work together to solve social ills, we can live in safer condition. In combating the crimes in our country, political parties whether the supporters or opposition, community, police, and non-governmental bodies need to contribute efforts. Besides, police and community have to build trust, create working relationship, build understanding for each other and work together for a same objective in order to form a secure community. The author stated the police are one of the body that play vital roles in finding solutions and making policy to reduce crimes in our country. Furthermore, the social institution like school, parents and authorities also plays role in disciplining the students so that they are not involved in social problems and crimes. The parents have the responsibility not only to teach the children but also to make sure that the safety of the children is secured.…show more content…
From my observation, crimes that happen in Malaysia are very serious for example murder, robbery, human trafficking, kidnapping, drugs trafficking and others. These crimes completely violate society’s values. All values that hold by society are positive and preventing us from committing serious mistake. Holding the values help us to live in the right way and right manner. If there social ills in our society, it could spreads and make the people think violate the values of the society is acceptable. In maintaining the values and preventing the crimes Malaysian should aware that the effort should be done together so it will be
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