Fear Of Failures In Walt Disney's Life

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On average, babies fall over two thousand times; just to learn to walk on their feet. From the moment we were born, we already know how to overcome and accept our failures, but why are always afraid to fail? We find failures to be daunting and frightening. However, we can be strength by making mistakes and failures.

On the way to successes and opportunities, we all have to learn to conquer our fear of failures. Walt Disney, one of the most famous and iconic figure in the film industry, faced numerous failures in his life. A newspaper editor fired him because of his “lacking imagination” and “bad ideas”. His businesses all closed and became failures after a short period of time. Disney’s life didn’t even have a glimpse of hope and successes to continue on. The journey to achieve his desperate dream was challenging and demanding. However, he
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I couldn’t accept my failure like him. I always wanted to excel in every exam that I take in my school and had positive attitudes to sit my next exams. Until, the end of last year when I made “one” silly mistake that changed my final exam result. My emotions started to jumble inside my head. Anger, regret and disappointment. It was merely an unnoticeable mistake, but that little red cross didn’t just stay on the exam paper. It remained with myself like a symbol of failure and my desire to success started to fade away. I still had other exams to take, but my attitude changed. I became pessimistic. I started to ask myself, “Why do I have to try harder when I already failed?” I focused more on my failures and mistakes over my successes and excellence grades. I was never pleased with any grades I receive because I believed that I will always be a “failed person.” From my perspective, I couldn’t see the next exams as new opportunities where I can recover my past mistakes. My mind was still full of emotions that I had when I made the mistake last
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