Fear And Fog Essay

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There is no human who has not known fear. Perhaps not in the extreme stages that fear can attain, but we all possess this trait which must reside close to the soul of our existence. It can alter the very nature of our personalities and often the course of our life. The majority of us will experience the fear of death, of failure, of aging, the unknown and numerous other basic fears. Some people are consumed by minor fears, which most dismiss as irrelevant, but can have a serious impact on those so infected. There seems to be a constant battle between fighting the fear and surrendering to it and accepting the consequence. Fear can have the same gripping hold on us as grief. It seems to take an unusually long time, if ever, to overcome its effect. It extends to our daily decisions and often flies in the face of logic, causing us to make bad choices. Fear and courage seem to share the opposite sides of the coin. It takes strength and fortitude to overcome our fears.…show more content…
Fear in its most devastating form is present in major incidents where hundreds of people share a common fate. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and famines take thousands of lives and place people in a state of fear for months. The passengers on the Titanic and those involved in major air crashes are stricken suddenly with fear. The horrendous tragedy of 9/11/2001, when terrorists struck the World Trade Center in New York, is an example of the totality of fear. Thousands of people were trapped and died, and we can only imagine the fear they experienced. It reverberates with a significance that is both national and universal. It transforms the psychic of mankind, alters our thought process and begins to change our way of
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