Fear Of Homelessness In America

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It’s been one day with Donald Trump as the United States President Elect and the amount of fear flowing through our collective hearts is sickening. No human should have to fear for their life, but Americans especially should not have to fear. Our forefathers created a nation in order that we would not have to fear.
But think of all those who have feared for their lives in America, all of the minorities in race, sexuality, and belief- all of those people who are in a nation that preaches protection and equality. Thomas Friedman, in his article “Homeless in America”, says that he is “in anguish, frightened for [his] country and for our unity,” and that Trump’s presidency creates in him powerful fear that our nation will become “irreparably divided” and “our national government will not function.” You’d think that after hundreds of years, we’d be able to get it together.
The truth is that we are constantly trying to get it together and we have been since 1776. We have been trying to figure out a complicated government in a complicated world and we have been pretty damn successful. Think of all of the other nations who attempted revolution and, if successful, attempted to find the
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Friedman, you are not “homeless in America,” because if you want America to be your home, it will be. Your home isn’t always pleasant. Every household has its difficulties. Every household has its disagreements and its pain. But home is where every person joins together for the common good. Home is where we are allowed to speak our mind. Home is where we are safe to do so. Every human wants a home like that and every American wants the United States to be that place- even Mr. Trump and his supporters. Everyone wants to be satisfied. Everyone wants happiness. Everyone wants liberty. Everyone wants life. We can all agree on these fundamental principles. Home is where we can work towards these principles. Sir, you have a home- it is broken and desperately needing repair, but it is a
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