Fear Of Moral Judgment In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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“An irrational society is a society of moral cowards—of men paralyzed by the loss of moral standards, principles, and goals. But since men have to act, so long as they live, such as a society is read to be taken over by anyone willing to set its direction. The initiative can come from only two types of men: either from the man who is willing to assume the responsibility of asserting rational values--- or from the thug who is not troubled by questions of responsibility.” Ayn Rand explains that in order to survive in an irrational society, you have to overcome the fear of moral judgement, and let that be your responsibility. In “Anthem”, Equality 7-2521 understand the evils of an irrational society—which is fear of moral judgement. He realizes his brothers and leaders are spread by evil because of their fear of moral judgement, which is why I believe Equality 7-2521 would agree with her.…show more content…
There were characteristics like his appearance, intelligence, and thoughts. He considered it a curse that he was different from others, because it was against the law to think individual thoughts, or be superior to others (Anthem, pg.1). Though he could tell he was a lot different from others, because they tend not to take risks, or fear discoveries of the world. For example, when Equality 7-2521 and International 4-8818 discovers the tunnel, International says “The will of the Council is above all things, for it is the will of our brothers, which is holy. But if you wish it so, we shall obey you. Rather shall we be evil with you than good with all our brothers. May the Council have mercy upon both of our hearts” (Anthem, pg.10). This explains International 4-8818 fear of moral judgement and not wanting to take responsibility for his actions, which explains his failure of pronouncing judgement, according to Rand’s
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