Fear Of Nonexistent In Serial Killers

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Imagine being free of the mental chain known as a conscience. Unpleasant feelings such as guilt or regret would no longer be felt, theoretically sounding preferable. In actuality though, a conscience is what makes us truly human, and without it we would not have any compassion or empathy for others. This is why people without a conscience, also recognized by the name of psychopaths, are such a threat to society; they care exclusively for themselves and will not hesitate to harm someone, especially if the result is them achieving a certain goal they sought out to accomplish. It is a proven fact that, much like how all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares, all serial killers are psychopaths but not all psychopaths are serial…show more content…
With this quote, Dr. Hare is illustrating that the fear of being confronted with the truth is nonexistent in serial killers and psychopaths, adding to the threat they pose to society. Dr. Hare’s book describes numerous anecdotes about people who were victimized by psychopaths and did not even realize they were being conned or lied to until the psychopath had already left their lives. In addition to the above examples, they are able to blend in with society since “the psychopath carries out his evaluation of a situation without the usual anxieties, doubts, and concerns about being humiliated, causing pain, sabotaging future plans, in short, the infinite possibilities that people of conscience consider when deliberating possible actions” (78). I think that this is quite possibly the most advantageous quality for a serial killer to possess, as he is able to go about his day as an average person during his killing spree period/s. A non-psychopathic killer may appear anxious or stressed before or after a murder, tipping off the people around him that something may be out of the ordinary, while a serial killer can effortlessly slip back into his normal
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