Fear Of Public Speaking

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Fear of Public Speaking in Students


This paper addresses the research into student’s attitudes to speaking in public on different themes and students observations of experienced gains and lacks. Each student stumble upon a variety of difficulties in making presentations and these complexities need to be identified and dealt with. Evaluation of public speaking allows determining strengths and weaknesses and work out the procedure of teaching effective presentations. The outcome of research is drawing general outline of good practices in helping students to reduce this problem.

1.0 Introduction

Speaking in public always aims at communication and presupposes a different level of formality depending on the settings and the audience.
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Instructors can only point the way and emphasize essential features such as person’s voice – how you say it is as important as what you say, body language – movements express your attitudes and thoughts, appearance – first impression influences the audience’s attitude to speakers. Actors, politicians and VIPs are taught how to manage their voices and body language and with a bit of practice. Any learner or student can cope with superficial features of public speaking. Matter-of-fact speaking uses background and linguistic knowledge to create a meaningful message, and it is directed at a specific audience in a one-to-one…show more content…
1.3 Objectives of the Study:

The first objective of this study is to examine student‘s views on preparing and delivering presentations. Second, student‘s strengths and weaknesses in public speaking need to be explored.

1.4 Research Questions:

1 Do you like preparing presentations?
a) Yes b) No

2 Why do you dislike preparing presentations?
a) it takes a lot of time b) using PowerPoint is problematic / not difficult c) it deprives me of leisure d) other

3 What difficulties do you have in preparing presentations?
a) searching for relevant materials b) selecting information c) using a PowerPoint software d) memorizing the contents of my presentation e) boredom of rehearsing a presentation f) other

4 What difficulties do you have in presenting your talk?
a) fear of speaking in public b) worrying about questions to be asked c) evaluation mark d) reaction of the audience e) other

5 After your presentation, do you have a feeling of: a) success b) failure c) relief d) satisfaction e) pleasure f) other. Research Hypothesis:

Ho: Students faced difficulties in public
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