Narcissism Of Ants In The Film A Bug's Life

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The movie A Bug 's Life is the story of a colony of ants which are trapped in a vicious cycle of gathering food for the "powerful" grasshoppers every year. One of the ants, Flick decides to rebel against the grasshoppers to end the harsh work forced upon the colony. The primary motivator for continuing to obey the grasshoppers under such horrible circumstances is the fear of the grasshoppers and their dominance. The head grasshopper, Hopper, is shown as being narcissistic, a psychological disorder that involves the lack of empathy for other people and only caring about oneself. Hopper is fully aware that the ants are afraid of him and he uses that to motivate himself to continue his control. Since Hopper is a very narcissistic character he uses his power to help broaden his self-image because he is very vain and only cares about himself. In the movie, Hopper forces the ants to gather food for all the grasshoppers, even though he and his followers are very capable of gathering the food, themselves. He even states that ants were put on this earth to serve the grasshoppers. He further notes "It 's not about food, it 's …show more content…

The reason for neurotic behavior is because of her royal background. Since she was raised as a princess and trained to be queen, she is aware that if something goes wrong and things start to fall apart, when she is queen the blame will be put on her. Being Neurotic is a Big Five Personality Trait that is usually used to describe a person, or in this case an ant, who has a mental unbalance and is typically, very emotional. Atta has rational thoughts, but her anxiety gets the bet of her sometimes. In the very beginning of the movie she is shown as being slight OCD, there is a gap in the line of ants carrying food and she freaks out. Another ant tells her it will be fine, but her anxiety gets the best of her because she continues to worry about the gap. She ends up stressing herself out over

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