Fear Of The Monster In Beowulf

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In the town Beowulf lived was a monster. The monster was a big man and was very strong. He was tall and very mighty. He could beat anyone in a fight. No one dared try to fight him. No one even wanted to get close to him. The monster stole from the town’s people. He was constantly destroying their land and was always causing trouble. Everyone in town was afraid of him.
The monster was a troublemaker. Nobody liked him and he was always damaging everybody’s property. He shook the ground every time he walked. The people were terrified of him. They trembled when they saw him coming towards them.
One day the monster came into town destroying everything. No one knew what he was doing. They tried to give him things to calm him down. The monster just got angrier. Everyone was so scared. Beowulf said” I am going to fight that monster!” The people of the town were surprised but happy that Beowulf would fight the monster.
Beowulf came to the rescue. He decided to fight the big scary monster. They agreed to fight on a field outside of town. Everyone from the town came out to see the fight. People crowded around everywhere to see what was happening.
They started fighting. The fight went back and forth. They were punching, kicking, and yelling as they went. The monster said “you are never going to win. I am going to win!” This made Beowulf angry. He fought harder than he had ever fought in his life.
The battle was ferocious. Beowulf and the monster went back and forth in the fighting.
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