Fear Of The Monster In Frankenstein

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In society today we feel the need to categorize everything we encounter in life but monsters are something we don’t understand and can’t categorize; the unknown is something that we fear because we as humans want to know about our surrounding to make sure of our safety. In Jeremy Jerome Cohen’s "Monster Culture: Seven Theses“ thesis 1: The Monster’s Body is a Cultural Body conveys the idea that monsters reflect a set fear, anxieties or desire in society. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, there is a fear of the unknown the monster may bring to society. In the book Frankenstein, a scientist named Victor Frankenstein creates a monster with science and technology he develops.When his creation is brought to life he realized his fear of not knowing what the monster…show more content…
In society, monsters are not to control because they are different from the norm. Humans beings want to be welcomed by society because if they are not they would become an outcast. The monster recalls,” I viewed myself in a transparent pool! At first, I started back, unable to believe that it was indeed I who was reflected in the mirror.”(Shelley 130) The monster finds himself hideous and could not accept the way he looks when he first sees his own reflection. The monster’s appearance also made many people assume that the monster would behave ruthlessly and immorally. For example, when the monster saved the little girl from drowning he was treated as a villain because of its frightful appearance. Shelley brings up the idea of people judging each other by the first impression. During the time the book was written and today there has not been much change because we still judge each other based on looks. Many immigrants are seen as horrible because of their outer appearance or what they have heard about them. For example, for many years Muslims had the stereotype of being terrorist because of reputation created by social
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