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L.A. Fear Paragraph by Hasnain 9-A

For many years, I have had a fear, a very common fear. But to me it was something that was controlling me on the inside, it was controlling my life. I was scared, I didn’t want to face it, I feared that if I did face it, it would take over my entire life in a second. I am still scared that it will strike me at any moment of time.

Whenever I was at a place high enough, and whenever I looked down, my heart would start pumping rapidly, my legs would get weaker and I would tremble, and I could barely catch my breath. I have had many vivid memories of my fear. A more recent one is when me and my family flew to Germany.

It was planned as a vacation, we would stay there for a few days, and come back to Pakistan.
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And everytime I looked out of something high, I would remember those tragic moments. But one day, I decided to overcome my fear because if you don’t overcome those fears, they will take over your life and control it. I also felt like facing your fears is the best way to make them disappear.

So from that day on, I promised myself that I would do anything to overcome my fears. Whenever I was at the top of a tall building, I would purposely look down. My legs still shake, my heartbeat was still racing. But I felt improvement. I would ride roller coasters, and do activities that make me stronger, and make my fears weaker.

Today, I can happily say that I have lost that fear, and it will never come back. The ways that I overcame my fear are: Acknowledging my fear and facing it. Believing that I can move through it. Visualizing the possibility of overcoming my fear, if I didn’t believe that I could overcome my fear, then I would have never overcame it. I had faith in myself that I could conquer it and take a step towards it. Everyday, I continued walking ahead and facing my fear and eventually that fear will start to fade. I acknowledged myself when I conquered my fear and I gave permission to let my fear go. And most importantly, to this day, I am proud of my

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