Fear Strengths And Weaknesses

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Fear and weakness these are two main reasons behind our unsuccessful life. Fear of facing people and fear of exposing our weakness. It doesn’t allow us to do things that we wholeheartedly want to do.

Sometimes these problems become so irresistible. And we wish to back ourselves from every situation, and then it becomes a barrier to our growth.

We start to ignore challenging situations
We fear to face people
And we neglect to take new tasks that are out of our comfort zones
Especially, there are some reasons behind that; those reasons create problems, these are the key factors behind your weakness and fear.

In this article, I am going to explore those reasons and the ways to deal with that.

5 Ways to Understand, Fear and Weakness

Fear of Opinion: Most of us fear the view of others. What others will think about our actions and how that will make embarrassment? Most of the time, this kind of fear creates the fence in front of us and we hate to pursue our goal.

There is no way to become an expert unless you do something
Mistakes are just a part of an adventure that you will go through
Good works always go through criticism, at least you are lucky that your work never goes through unnoticed, someone is always there to criticize you.
Fear of Excellence: It’s hard to get things done in a way that everybody will love it. This world is tough; nobody can please everyone; even the most life-changing lessons that can make ups and downs in your life sometimes hate by a lot of

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