Feather Tattoos In Indian Culture

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FEATHER TATTOOS Tattoos have many connotations, and the feather tattoos have got no exemption in this. Over the years, the love to engrave tattoos has grown among people all over the world, despite the many beliefs that come along with tattoos. Feather tattoos bring out a unique extemporary look that anyone would go for. FEATHER TATTOO SYMBOLISM o Spiritual sign Feathers were worn by ancient American to show a sign of communication with spirit and to express their wisdom. In Indian culture also, feathers represented the spiritual power of the thunder gods. o Symbol of prayer The Pueblo used sticks made using birds feathers as they dance, to pray for rain during solstice rituals. It clearly shows that feathers acted as a sign of sincerity in prayers. For that matter, the feathers were highly respected. o Symbol of sky gods Egyptian goddess of justice.…show more content…
o Peacock feathers A peacock is a bird that is much loved in some parts of the world, for instance, Hindu community believes that peacock signifies humility, kindness, luck, and compassion. In some cultures, the birds are associated and kept in the thrones of loyalty. o Phoenix feathers Among the Greeks, the feathers of this bird are believed to promise life after death, eternal life. A blazing phoenix feather comes out so smart in a tattoo especially when inked in a full color. o Eagle feather tattoos An eagle weaves its own nest in an excellent manner and flies very high heights despite the strong winds. An eagle feathers tattoos make a great memorial for military tattoos. A tattoo of an eagle feather means strength and braveness. o Seagulls wing/feather tattoo A simple outline of a seagull's feather tattoo or its arm tattoo means to fly high above any doubt and shows that you firmly believe in yourself. The reason being that seagull represents many things such as its love for the ocean, and rising high above life's

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