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FED UP In the US from since the turn of the century, obesity has been a rising and very serious issue. In the 1980’s, western culture experienced a fitness surge, and the major food corporations began producing new products that were “fat free”, but the issue was fat free food did not taste as good so people would not buy it. To compensate the taste, the food companies replaced the fat with sugar.
I decided to watch the documentary FED UP by Stephanie Soechtig because nothing about the issue of obesity is in any way controversial or debatable. The Issue of obesity is a problem that is creeping up on us and most people don’t even know it. I knew that I could watch this documentary because it was based 100% on facts. The obesity epidemic
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This documentary was one of the more informative documentaries that i have seen, it hit the audience with the cold hard facts. First it talked about how the obesity epidemic was kickstarted. The first dietary guidelines released by the us government basically condoned adding unlimited amounts of sugar to children's foods and as a result, children have faced impaired health and become fatter. “FED UP” also follows the struggles of three children faced with childhood obesity. The first one was a 15 year old girl who was self conscious about her appearance, and tried to be more physically active to. The next was a 14 year old boy named Brady who was also plagued with the obesity but Brady tried to implement new diets to combat his problem. The last was a boy who weighed 400 pounds, his strategy to solve his problem was to have 10,000 dollar surgery performed on himself. After the audience met the victims of this epidemic, the documentary showed us the roots of childhood obesity, the school cafeteria. The documentary showed how in a cafeteria the requirement for vegetables could be met by pizza because the us government classified pizza as a vegetable. The food in the lunchroom was full of added sugar which drew the kids to those foods because not only did they taste better, they also got the kids hooked because the sugar added in the food made the sugary food addictive, so the kids
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