Fed Up Movie Review Essay

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Movie Review: Fed Up
We eat it everyday, at least three times a day. But I’m sure most of us eat a lot more than our designated meals. And it’s okay, if you take care of what you’re eating, of course. But, what happens when food isn’t what you believe it is?
Fed Up (2014) is documentary directed and produced by Stephanie Soechtig, written by the director and Mark Monroe.
Fed Up is a documentary that focuses on the food industry, specifically the United States’ major food organizations, with the aim to inform the people on how they are being manipulated to eat more and worse. By watching this simple, fast paced, hour and a half movie, one can learn a lot of things that may seem useless at first sight, like the number of food advertisements a kid watches every day. But, added to everything one may be ignorant to about the food industry, it means a lot. And it’s simply not fair that companies are able to do that and get away with it.
The film presents you four teens facing obesity, each with a different story, condition and background. Their families are all supportive, as expected, and they all want to help their kids. However, it can be heartbreaking to see these kids talking about the problems they face, most of them being related to having to loose weight.
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The film admits that, while it may have a nice motive and a good start, with time the purpose was lost. Remarking that the “Let’s move!” campaign started losing its way around the same time that food companies started showing their support and subtly influencing their attitude, the documentary shows that these two are not unrelated. In order to protect themselves, companies started leading the campaign towards a more “exercising is good for you, you should do it more” approach, instead of a “let’s eat better” one. All because it wouldn’t be convenient for them if everyone suddenly decided to stop eating foods with

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