Federal Arguments Against Racial Profiling

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Have you ever been a victim to racial profiling of some sort? If so it’s probably because you are a minority or person of color. Today, federal agencies are racial profiling and being unconstitutional to society today. Racial profiling is stopping someone because the color of their skin or having suspicion in criminal activity. The iron triangle is trying to get something knew added to the government or wanting to keep a policy the same or make changes to the policy. September 11, 2011 Shoshana Hebshi was on a plane and when the plane landed she was hand cuffed along with two Indian American men. They were the only three on the entire plane that was arrested. No idea of why they were getting arrested and no one would answer them telling them what was going on. The agents placed them all in jail cells searched them from head to toe. Passengers on the plane racial profiled Shoshana and the men because they were different. We discriminate against…show more content…
They all have each other back when they want a new law to be put in place they have each other’s back. Departments would do what the other committees want to get the law pass and the other committees would do it for the departments in return. Interests groups has a great influence on the public eye. With campaigning, surveys, and commercial they give the people what they want them to see. Sometimes this is good but sometimes they’re bad as well and the people eye can go along with a new police but not knowing there’s a twist to it. Overall racial profiling is a violation of are individual human rights and it also violates our 14th amendment. Police should stop using this method and use other methods to figure out criminal behavior. We live in a world where people are still simple minded and can’t get out of their old ways. Being racially targeted because your black or muslin any other race can take a toll on someone
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