Federal Budget Benefits

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The U.S. Federal Budget covers a wide range of things that affect people in their day to day lives. It involves public education, justice and laws, and even health care. Balancing the budget and managing where that money goes is important annual job that ensures that we do the most that we can with it. The federal government should reduce the Federal Mint’s spending and the amount of money they put into the defense budget, increase spending on education and trying to repay national debt. On average the Federal Mint spends 1.4 cents for every penny that they create. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but considering that there are 13 billion pennies created annually in the US the cost for creating them gets very large very fast. Making them cost more to create than their actual value. Eliminating that cost would allow the budget spent on the Federal Mint to be reduced and there would be more cash in the Federal Budget to spend on other things. One argument against the elimination of the budget is the fact that it will alter the way American citizens are able to pay for things in a negative way. However, the government has already eliminated coins like the half-penny and other countries have taken away they’re one cent coins. All of this has happened without any major negative affects to economy or the lives of consumers.…show more content…
On average the US spends nearly 682 billion dollars in defense spending. That is largest defense budget in the world. China and Russia are 2nd and 3rd place when it comes to military spending. If you combined their budgets together America’s budget still dwarfs their spending. Cutting back on the budget wouldn’t mean leaving the US unprotected. The military would still be able to function just as well as it already is after decreasing the amount that we put into it. This would also be a way of gaining more money to use for other things as
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