Federal Government Vs Enumerated Powers Essay

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In order to keep power equally, the federal government had to come up with a compromise, of course, as we now know it wasn’t going to be so easy, in fact, It took many years and many political debates to come up with a compromise. The compromise would then split the powers in the National Government and the State Government. As they would describe it, the National Government had enumerated powers, the State Government had Reserved power and the two Governments combined had Concurrent Powers.
The Definition for Enumerated Powers states the power only belonging to the federal government. The Federal Government then had a couple of powers. The power to Conduct Foreign Affairs, which means the ability to organize, or control trade, and other activities internationally. The power to set
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Because of this, they were able to control the power to trade within their state boundaries. This also helps because with trade because there were some unfair ways of competition or "deceptive business acts or practices". They were also able to establish local public-school systems. To this there were able to hire professional teachers to monitor and make sure the students understood the curriculum of the basic content. This type of education began to spread in the 19th century. While the first high school in the United States started in 1821. As we know from experience there are mandatory grades we have to attend in this time and day so we can succeed. The grades go through Kindergarten to twelfth grade. Then from there it is your decision if you want to get a higher education by going into college. Which can be both public or private. These are some examples of the power States governments
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