Federal Government's Duty In The Dust Bowl

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The Federal Government’s Duty At this point in time, the Great Depression was in full effect and the Dust Bowl had just occurred and actually created an entirely new wave of migrant farm workers. Lands in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas were destroyed causing its people to move westward towards California, the land of opportunity, and achieve the American dream; which essentially was to make lots of money and live a comfortable lifestyle. All in all, it was the federal government’s duty to do more to help those in need. American immigrants went into California in search of employment that would help feed their families. The low-income families would work for minimal wages as there were plenty of laborers in the town because of increased…show more content…
There were huge dump makeshift towns abundant with lost families; called “squatter camps” or “Hoovervilles of California”. There were countless wanderers, starving destitute families, desperate for any job to feed their own. These nomadic people were living in extreme property because their lands were destroyed and they lost everything , many small farm owners or business owners themselves, lost all that they owned and had no other choice, but to travel from place to place and try to find some source of income. Farm work wasn’t the easiest job to do, but for most it was all they knew. In addition, large industrialized farm corporations targeted such areas such as the Hoovervilles primarily because of how inexpensive their labor would cost them and how many desperate migrant farm laborers they could choose from. They pay was incredibly low and not enough to well support themselves and their work conditions as well as living conditions were atrocious. Every possible method their employers had on running their farm was created just to make them feel “inferior and insecure. The environments of these work places were always of “hatred and suspicion.” This of course led to agricultural stikes such as the Salinas lettuce strike in…show more content…
The period was also characterized by cheap labor as many would work for small wages only to get funds that would help purchase food and clothing. To counteract the effects of the grand depression, the Federal government should have adopted policies to increase currency slow in the economy and reduce the rate of unemployment. To begin with, lowering interest rates would have increased the attractiveness of loans hence increasing borrowing from the public. The result is a rise in funds available for spending thereby farmers would have enough resources to undertake farming activities. Understandably, fed identified such, but did not lower interest rates to levels that could significantly influence levels of borrowing and attractiveness of loans. As a result, farmers took to California to seek employment in harvesting
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