Federal Power Dbq

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The United States-- a country of economic strength, freedom, and an endless sea of opportunity promises all of its citizens the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and happiness. This promise coupled with the hope of a brighter future attracted those from all walks of life. It also appealed to those who suffered political and religious persecution ; overall its divided branches of governing gave off the illusion of a fair and just political policy. Thus, when hit with the slightest of problems, the public was quick to turn to the government for a solution. The increase in governmental power can be linked to the ratification of the Constitution – which aimed at protecting the rights of individuals and limiting governmental powers. Rather,…show more content…
The ratification of the 16th amendment allowed a federal income tax, the formation of the Electoral College gave the federal government a huge say in who the next president would be, and supremacy clauses made sure that the federal government had precedence over states. Moreover, the regulations placed during the progressive era showed how much the citizens were willing to give up their power to the government for some sense of security; shipping was regulated as well as food/agriculture and distribution of goods. The amalgamation of such small change slowly made federal power to what it is today and with the addition of the New Deal – the Republican Party got the strong federal government they wanted. Slowly the government’s goal of being a protector of individual rights and liberty disappeared and a new goal of maintaining economic well being came to. This new goal hasn’t changed since it’s inception in the 1920’s and is a primary concern today next to national security. The primary cause of such a surge in power can be linked back to the citizens of the United States, they were heavily dependent on the government for solutions to their problems and so long as the solutions provided resulted in comfortable living and the consequences were never questioned. And so long as people remain heavily reliant on the government escaping the grasp of a powerful government doesn’t seem
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