Federalism And Intergovernmental Relationship

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Intergovernmental relationships depend on the management of complexity. The United States government federal model is not clearly defined and is continually evolving to meet the needs of its citizens. As such, in a political system that operates with a multi-unit government, including national, state, and local levels, the lines can be blurred and questions may arise about proper jurisdiction authority in the course of carrying out duties and conducting affairs. Cooperation of governmental units to address local and regional problems affecting their constituents is a significant strength in United States federalism. Despite the confusion or angst that comes with coinciding responsibilities and duties, intergoverntalism brings a host of diversity…show more content…
The constitution also denies certain powers to the national government and a lots those to the state and local governments. It can be argued that the constitution may be manipulated by federal judges. The judicial system was heavily influenced by John Marshall, chief justice of the Supreme Court from 1801-1835. Marshal established independent authority for the Supreme Court, making it a final moderator of the Constitution and a check for both executive and legislative branches. Marshal had and everlasting impact on the judicial system including the taxing process (elab?). Although courts have been relied on for resolutions of law and policies, “economic and political complexities, combined with raised rates of social and technological change have greatly reduced capacity of courts and legislature to deal with continuous pressures for policy change.” Wright. The U.S. constitution is fundamental in defining federalism and the features of intergovernmental relationships in the United States. The essential characteristics that define the Constitution are the creation of a federal system, the state and national government, the allocation of particular functions to the national government, and the representation of…show more content…
Roosevelt’s New Deal in 1932. During this was the first time that Congress had acknowledged municipalities. To stimulate and balance the economy, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation was created and commissioned to make loans to local governments, other agencies, and to private enterprise. This corporation was the foundation for Federal financial assistance to local areas during times of economic depression and recession. Other significant policies during Roosevelt’s New Deal dealing with areas such as federal aid to education, urban development and civil rights include Works Progress Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. These events and policies are another and major milestone in the evolving relationship between intergovernmental entities. As exemplified in the above statements, intergovernmental relations deal heavily in fiscal issues. A dominating force in the relationship between government units is figuring out and answering the questions of how money will be raised, who it will go to, how it will benefit them, and how much should be spent. However, there must be a balance between fiscal and allocations fixation and policy. At its core, intergovernmental were established on, and are most concerned with issues of
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