Federalist 10 Questions And Answers

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Read Federalist 10 and answer the following questions? What are factions? Groups of people that hold a certain belief or have an idea different from other groups. A faction is basically a group of people who all agree upon the same thing and their point of view is different from other factions. factions can be small and others can be big, but each one is different. factions are organized and there are many factions inside the U.S. Why is Madison concerned about factions? Madison believed that factions cause “…instability, injustice, and confusion into the public councils…” and he believes that this in turn can cause popular governments to perish. Madison believed that factions have many complaints about the government, such as the public good is disregarded in the…show more content…
Gerrymandering is basically manipulating district lines in order to give an unfair advantage to one party over the other. Lines are redrawn to favor a political party, and with gerrymandering there is no competition and the candidate for the district is already elected even before people cast their votes Why does Amy want proportional representation? Amy wants proportional representation because he believes that in doing so gerrymandering could be stopped, there would be more diverse options when it comes to political parties, more people would turn out to vote, and because there would be more equal representation for females and minorities Why is Rush not in favor of a proportional representation? Rush is not in favor of proportional representation because in order for a proportional representation to succeed other parts of the government need to change, and with those changes other things would sacrificed. There would be a ripple effect on the rest of the government if there was a switch to the PR system. Also with a PR system voters would have no choice whatsoever among the candidates they elect What factors limit third parties from winning an
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