Federalist 10: Comparison Of The Republic And The Democrats

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The Federalist 10 is a part of the constitution that has helped this country greatly. The constitution is a series of rules and laws that have helped to keep this country keep the citizen's liberty and to keep the government from becoming corrupt and taking the rights of the people. The writer of the Federalist 10 was James Madison and he was just explaining how the constitution helps to control the power of government and the power of factions. You may ask what does Madison mean when he says factions. One way of explaining factions is that it is group people with similar beliefs that gather together in order to promote and protect their ideas on special economic interests and their ideas political opinions. In this part of the federalist…show more content…
These two groups have been opposing each other since the beginning of this nation. The democrats are a groups that want to implement their ideas that provide liberty to them and to help them maintain the power. However some of these ideas allow citizen to what they want. One example of this is that democrats want liberty for women, so they belief that they should be able to kill their baby if they want to. For eight year we had a democratic president and they have had some of their ideas implemented but not all, one obstacle that they have to face is that a republican has become president and the republicans won the senate. I think that because the republicans won these that democrats will have to step down from power and we can repair what they have done. A solution that Madison gave for the struggle between the two was not to set up an absolute and irresponsible state to regiment society from above also he was never willing to give or to sacrifice liberty to gain security. The fact that they clog the administration is a good this so the factions can't hold it and keep it. IN ending I want to thank James Madison for part of the constitution because it has helps this country to maintain liberty for
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