Federalist Approach To European Integration

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The devastating World Wars in Europe and their implications after 1945 have led many scientists to study the integration process. However, there was the question of whether the community is a new political system, and will its further development bring the loss of national sovereignty. For a long time, European integration took place without strong central governance, but at the same time it made serious progress. In 2000, German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer did not eliminate that in the future the European Union (EU) will become a Federation . The process of ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in the EU member states allowed again talking about the desire of heads of associations to strengthen the role of supranational government. This led to a discussion about the federalization of Europe and to return the theory of federalism to its former positions. In modern political science there are many approaches to the study of European integration. In addition to the generally accepted concepts generated new theories that explain the processes of integration in Europe, which started from the middle of the last century. Today the European Union consists of 28 sovereign states, which are aimed at closer cooperation with each other.…show more content…
Murray Forsyth identifies three main areas in the federalist theory that influenced debates on European integration . The first is based on the ideas of Immanuel Kant, who supported the expansion of the federation as the most acceptable constitutional protection against the threat of war. The second direction is connected with the democratic theory which concerns a guarantee of effective governance in the democratic state, when the power is as close as possible to the population. The third direction is based on studying of federalist tendencies and processes that assumes the analysis of prerequisites and social dynamics that stimulate the results at all federal

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