Federalist Party Formation

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The Republicans wished for a free society on the basis that freedom was to be non-restricted from nobody at all costs. The Federalists desired for a society where the majority could decide the best possible situation for each and every person. The freedom of America existed up until the early 1900’s (1913), when the Federal reserve was first introduced. Ever since, America has been mainly composed of federalism, authoritarianism, collectivism, and certain aspects of fascism. The amounts of money gained due to the creation of these ideologies is based on the amount of debt the Federal Reserve possessed each year. By the year 1796, both the Federalist and Republican parties were near full formation and were (extremely) well-developed. Now, neither…show more content…
The party became associated with the first President, George Washington. Now, even though Washington made his best efforts to try and avoid dealing in partisan activities, the idea was cut short after some time. The so called “belief” that the United States had much to learn from Great Britain, created a new government in which was modeled after the government of England. This new form of government called for a solid, centralized bank with a federal constitution. On the other hand, the Republican Party was already intact when the Federalist Party was just coming into the picture. As such, the majority of Republicans knew that their relationship with Great Britain could only be one-sided; the fight for independence was real. In other terms, their strong relationship (if continued with Great Britain) would result in America’s submission to being held “under Great Britain’s level” of power/authority. The party craved for complete separation from everyone else (independence). They truly believed that when states received more political power, it would only create stronger relationships with the federal government. As a result, the country would be made a much safer and restored place for the culture of people. In the end, the Federalist Party lasted for a relatively short time period. The Republican Party that exists in America today no longer has any tie to the Republican Party of previous…show more content…
The Federalist party understood that there could be only one true “sovereign” in a political system; One ultimate authoritative measure. Each individual would be forced to obey orders given to them, without being allowed the ability to appeal. At the time, this method was said to be the only effective way in creating a successful form of centralized government. The first key step in this process was to persuade the sovereign states to agree on the creation of the Articles of Confederation. Next, the document would call for (and further establish) a close alliance between/of independent states. The term denoted as the establishment of this centralized form of federal government is known (in current day) as the “confederacy.” Lastly, the articles would represent the states method of acting together instead of a total form of government acting directly responsible for the people. In time, the Republican and Federalist parties were both able to create a form of government, in which did not rely on the dependability or virtue of the public. Throughout this new federal system, both the states and the national government were left absent from total sovereignty. The visons of American culture and politics were indeed changed
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