Federalist Vs Anti-Federalists

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When the United States broke away from Great Britain in 1783, and no one knew what the new system of government was going to be. The United States was divided among the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. Between the two we can see the different views of a federal government. The Federalist did not like The Articles of Confederation, but the Anti-Federalist did. The Federalist rewrote The Articles of Confederation, thus how the Constitution came to be. Federalist believed the Constitution was necessary to protect individual rights and the Anti-Federalist did not think it was. Federalist paper number fifty-one defends the Constitution, but still preserving liberty. The Federalist paper number fifty-one says the United States is going to…show more content…
The Federalist wanted a stable central government and an active executive branch, assuming it would maintain peace and order. The Federalist felt that central government should make all the rules and regulations for the whole country, instead of the states having individual power. The Federalists´ views are better described as those of nationalist. The Federalist wanted a stronger government but wanted to have freedom. The Anti-Federalist thought that the central government would abuse power and neglect the rights of the people. The Anti-Federalist did not want a federal government; they wanted the states to be in charge of themselves. The Anti-Federalist believed that the Constitution would not protect the rights that individuals had. The Anti-Federalist feared that the central government would make the states not have a way to defend their rights. Anti-Federalist also did not want a republic. Anti-Federalist wanted small democracies, which are easy to control. Republics are best for people to voice their voices, better than states can on their own. Anti-Federalist wanted the government to stay local and not be a central government. Most Anti-Federalist lived in rural areas, while Federalist lived in urban areas. Anti-Federalist wanted their economy to be dominated by farmers and smaller rural areas, also known as local power. Federalist wanted to be dominated by significant businesses interest, wanted the government to help regulate the
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