Federigo's Falcon Theme

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How can short stories and poems have so many important life lessons and morals? Some people have a hard time deciphering what these old poems or short stories mean or what their lesson is. In “Ferdigo’s Falcon”, “The Pardoner’s Tale” by Chaucer, and “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” there are many things that can be analyzed. Characters in the poems all have goals, themes, and values.
In all three poems that characters have specific goals that they want to be completed by the end of the story. Federigo’s main goal was to get Monna to fall in love with him. He even became poor because of it. He sacrificed everything to get Monna to fall for him. In the next poem, the goals of the three rioters was to get all of the gold coins. Instead of splitting the money evenly, they each plotted ways to kill each other.
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“Federigo’s Falcon” had a theme of love overpowering the evils of money. The beautiful women wasn 't in love with Federigo at first, but she came to her senses when she realized that Federigo truly loved her for her. Federigo was a very poor man and still tried to do everything he could for her. “The Pardoner’s Tale” had a theme of money being the root of all evil. The three drunken people all secretly plotted to kill each other over the eight gold coins. The three drunken people in the story would kill their friends in order to have fortune. These two themes somewhat compare since they are related to the main value of money. In “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, the theme is quite different. In this story the theme was nobody is perfect, but we try to live up to certain ideals and goals. Sir Gawain is supposed to have a perfect code of chivalry by having honor, courage, and honesty. As you can see no one is perfect. Sir Gawain lies about the sash that he took and he also flinched when the green knight swung the axe down on him. The story shows that there is no such thing as a fully followed code of
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