Fedex Case Study

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Managing The Organization FedEx’s Successful Internationalization Reasons to the success of FedEx in Asia There are many reasons behind the success of FedEx in Asia, like when there is a need for continuous delivery system FedEx offered its service into the Asian market. In the meanwhile, there is no competition which made FedEx conquer Asian market with its growing business. In order to provide faster delivery service FedEx launched direct flights. With ever-changing technology, there is a rapid increase in usage of internet FedEx invested in Information Technology and introduced to its online services where the customer can track their order all the time. All these factors together made FedEx stand ahead of their comparators. As China has grown into the world’s second largest economical country there is a continuous need for export and import of package (Justin McCurry, The Guardian). Due to its terrible infrastructure for transportation of goods, there is no build roads or better highways. FedEx come up with its organized system which decreased the time of delivery for both import and export. One of the major reason behind the success of FedEx in Asia is its flexibility to meet the customer satisfaction and needs of the market that persistently changes. Can competitors imitate FedEx’s approach in international markets and take market share away from the company? Actually competitors can imitate FedEx’s approach in international markets but taking away their share from
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