Fedex Workers Compensation Case Study

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Overall, I continue to have a favorable view of Protective’s claims operation and their management of the FedEx Workers’ Compensation program. My review found their claims well managed with proper reserve practices. With that stated, I expect Protective’s claim operation to have a positive impact on the overall profitability of our treaties.

Since my last visit in May 2015 there were two changes to Protective claims operation effecting the management staff. First, Claims Manager, David Ghesquiere was recently promoted to Director of Claims. Based on my conversation with Mr. Ghesquiere, this is a change in title and he will continue in his normal capacity overseeing Protective’s claim operation. And will continue to report to Michael Case, Vice President & General Counsel.
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Ms. Bitnar is registered nurse with an impressive background, with a master’s degree in Business Administration and has several certificates in the healthcare and occupational industries. Mr. Bitner responsibilities will not only include overseeing their five nurse case managers, but she will also be responsible for managing their medical vendor programs to ensure Protective is achieving the desired medical-disability management cost savings results. Ms. Bitnar will report directly to Mr. Ghesquiere. Protective believes the promotion of Ms. Bitner to Medical Manager will have a positive influence on their overall claims
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