Feed A Child Analysis

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Representation of race and class are very prominent in the world we live in, and have always been. Although there have been many studies about the representation, the media has not chosen to be averse to closing down stereotypes in terms of how they are viewed. Needless to say, there are many television shows or films that feature the notion of race, though this has not alleviated the situation because there will still be a lot of bad representation about a particular race versus another. In this essay I will analyze the message meted out by the advertisement; Feed a Child, 11/04/14 (1:00). It portrays a black child being fed with what looks like table scraps, by a Caucasian woman. I will argue that upon further analysis it is clear that…show more content…
This is definitely not the case in the ad in question. Lazreg mentions, not all peoples are seen as equals; don’t detach religion from socio-economic and political context and refrain geopolitical and generalization of all women in the middle east/ Islamic. Racism is an element of social construction and is inherent in our daily cultural or social practices. Historically, the stories we tell about race roles and the development of these roles is evidence of social construction theory which opposes biological explanations for inequality. Biological arguments about racial inequalities sometimes suggest that non whites earn less money than whites because of their background; their home and family rather than…show more content…
Realistically as a people we construct good from knowing what is bad. As Berger eloquently put it in “Ways of Seeing”, we never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relationship between things and ourselves (p.270). This is to say that in it is hard to create an explanation of a subject, such as, what is beauty unless one compares and contrasts it to what it is not. Unlike many of the past generations, teenagers now are suffering from low self-esteem and depression, due to the media and how it chooses to represent people. The media is run like a dictatorship with a hierarchy. How everything is represented in the world around us is important, as a society we must stop comparing everything. If a young successful business woman is represented as white and skinny, it leaves the rest of the world questioning what that means. The rhetoric “I am not white and nor do I fit the standards of skinny people’s ads, so I cannot be successful” can be heard in almost every group of unhappy people. Most people in the society prefer to fit in rather than defying the status
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