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In the novel Feed, the author, M.T. Anderson uses previous life experiences as inspiration to write this book. According to Scholastic, Anderson uses his job experience to write books such as Thirsty, Burger Wuss, and Feed. Based on Enotes, the author has a very strong passion for understand the past and history. He shows this passion through one of his books, Octavian, written in 2006. However, that was the opposite for Feed because it was based on the far future. My personal opinion is that Anderson grew curiosity in the future after focusing in history. It was something new to learn. Other interesting facts about the creator of Feed is that he’s very skillful in music and he has been wanting to write since he was young.
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The theme of the book is tedium and oxygen is somewhat tedious. It’s just there and we breathe it in to give us life and we don’t pay much attention to it. We have oxygen and in a way “enjoy” it because it 's what we breathe in. We don’t know or expect oxygen to terminate producing. Just like Titus didn’t expect Violet to get severely sick. We should be grateful for little things like oxygen that helps us create and do incredible things, it’s the source for life. Titus should be grateful for the little relationship with Violet because she made his life interesting, she’s the source for Titus’s happiness. Oxygen also relates to the novel, Feed, because in the book they had to cut down a forest to make an air factory. I chose this symbol because it fits the theme by a real life situation that creates a metaphor for Titus and Violet’s relationship. Also, this symbol is adjusted into a significant part of the novel. The book, Feed, makes some connections towards real life situations. I learned that you could randomly meet a person who could turn your life around positively. I learned that anything could happen and someone should never take anything or anyone for granted. I also learned that writers always use background knowledge and experience to compose a story. The theme of the book, tedium, gives a message that your life could unexpectedly change by little things. Those little things can become a great part of your
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