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Richard Proudfit started to feed my Starving Children and by using volunteers they pack food for those in need. His creation of feed my Starving Children has made the world better. This is important because we should know how people can improve the world. F.M.S.C. has provided a large amount of food. F.M.S.C. opened the door to allow others to give. First F.M.S.C. has given food to the poor. “[in 2002] kids against hunger fed 7 million people in 32 countries. In 6 months it shipped 40 tons of food each to Afghanistan, Uganda, and Liberia” (Tan 1). 7 million people were able to eat because F.M.S.C. gave them the food. Then Shipped another 40 tons of food in just 6 months. Not only did he just give food he thinks that he made a mixture that most would call the most…show more content…
has made the world better is that it lets people volunteer and help others easier. Richard had a five year goal to have “at least 9 satellite operations providing more than 1,100 tons of food or the equivalent of 15 million meals a year”(Youngblood 2). In the beginning, his only goal was to get more satellites so more people would be able to volunteer at closer locations. Along with this Proudfit also had events that Laggis writes the people that signed up were also signing up for a second shift and some were almost turned down because that completely passed their goal of 450 volunteers (1). So many people had signed up they had completely passed their goal and those people enjoyed helping enough that they signed up for multiple shifts. F.M.S.C. isn’t just an organization it’s “a nonprofit organization dedicated to packing food”(Tan 1). By purely being nonprofit they aren’t just simply wanting money, they want to help and have spent their time on trying to pack food. In others words a large number of people signed up to volunteer, enough people they almost needed to turn some of them away. This means that people want to help and F.M.S.C. is the best way for them to do

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