Feed My Starving Children Case Study

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A family of seven living in El Salvador barely eats since their father only earns six dollars a month. One of the children, Rocio, suffers from anemia, however, when Feed My Starving Children stepped in, her life changed. Now, she helps her mother fetch water and is happy because she can carry the jugs on her own. This is just one case of how Feed My Starving Children has influenced and changed lives. My charity I chose not only feeds those who are in need of nutrition, but they also give hope and happiness to the families and people they help. There are many factors that help FMSC run as smoothly as it does. All of the meals they send out and the money they get are because of their volunteers. They also partner with other organizations so that the costs of shipping and packing expenses aren’t using the donations from volunteers. According to guidestar.org, there were more than one million volunteers that…show more content…
Take Emmanuel for example. Global Impact tells us he is a two-year-old who is being raised by his 11-year-old brother. However, his brother isn’t able to feed any of his siblings, so they lie on a dirt floor, hoping to survive. When FMSC found Emmanuel, he weighed nine pounds, couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, and was skin and bones. He and his siblings received MannaPack Rice and after one year of the nutrients, he weighed 22 pounds. Of course, they haven’t helped every starving child in the world, but they are constantly working towards helping more and more. Even though this process is long and will take a while to achieve, as of right now, there are 745,496 children fed daily because of the meals provided by FMSC. Donations to Feed My Starving Children go into one of the best charities because of the service and commitment the volunteers and organization have towards their
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