Feedback Strengths And Weaknesses

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As I reflect on the area of receiving feedback I find it to be an area I succeed in when accepting the constructive criticism from others, however, I often feel I lack to seek for receiving feedback from others when it is not given. As I continue to grow, as a student of physical therapy, receiving feedback is important for helping me to become the best physical therapist I can be. By not receiving feedback from my clinical instructors, professors, and peers I will not be able to grow and improve my skills to become a great physical therapist. I believe being able to receive feedback from others and applying it will help me grow into a physical therapist that can provide the best care that patient’s deserve. Strengths 1. I have always been welcoming and accepting of feedback a.…show more content…
Example: During my one week ICE after each initial evaluation I performed my clinical instructor always provided feedback for not just what I did well but what I improved on. Each time she gave me feedback I made note of what it was and applied it to the next patient where by the end of my week long ICE my feedback from her was more positive for I improved on the areas that she originally gave me feedback on in the beginning of the week. 2. Applying the received feedback a. Example: During my one week ICE my CI gave me feedback at the end of each day. Some feedback that she gave me was to hold my MMT for less time, or to make sure the patient doesn’t come out of a slouched posture during the slump test when straightening their leg. Therefore, the next time I performed an evaluation I made sure I didn’t hold the MMT as long and I made sure the patient maintained a slouched posture throughout the slump test. Areas for

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