Feelings In Charles Baxter's 'Gryphon'

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Feelings for Miss.Ferenczi

A few weeks the book “Gryphon” written by Charles Baxter took us to a magical world of Massachusetts. By a school we got bus got dragged all the way to Five Oaks school (Just kidding). Swirling in to 4th grader Tommy’s shoes. It was the regular usual boring day in Mr. Hibler’s class. Except for the big cold Mr. Hibler brought to class. Of course he is going to be sick and the class will get a substitute. An interesting creature was brought to the room (human, but different), this brought attention to Tommy’s little eyes. She didn’t look like the regular same old substitute that always follows the books, she was different. Her name is Miss. Ferenczi, she told all of these crazy stories that got Tommy got attracted. Tommy was so attracted that he always defended her whatever bad things were said about her. Tommy would even make up random stories to defend Miss Ferenczi.
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She had a different style and different sight of things.Like as an example Miss.Ferenczi thought they needed a tree in the classroom and a specific type of tree. To be specific on (pg. 44 ln. 76-77) Tommy thought “Savoring the Imminent weirdness of the day”. Tommy likes that Miss. Ferenczi is weird in how she looks, what she carries. Tommy likes how she is different and not what you usually see. Miss.Ferenczi makes a unit of Egypt fun and catches the children
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